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Our product is a soil conditioner based on an innovative patented technology that saves up to 50% of water use for irrigation, reducing the water and fertilizer wasted in the soil. Hundzsoil is a natural soil conditioner made out of recyclable cellulose material and biomass. The result of this process is the best environmental solution for soil, water, and air.

HUNDZsoil® is the answer to what was once a lengthy and costly cultivation process.

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Water Saving

S.P. 300% water holding capacity

30% saving in fertilizers

protect your underground water.

Bigger leaves and stems

Healthy plants, more crops per acre

root growth

Contains 80% organic matter and is capable of holding water 3 times as much as any soil conditioner

One-time application

80% Organic matter in the product is slow release and can last up to two growing seasons.

Hundzsoil Use

The results of the product in farming are impressive. Growers find a huge difference in the quality and quantity of the crops. At the same time, the need for watering is reduced by half, while there is a significant reduction in the loss of fertilizers. Can be used for 100% organic farming or with chemical fertilizers.

You can turn any environment into a green, beautiful place. Flowers, ornamental plants and lawn will grow impressively. They have such a great need for water that only our product can keep them in excellent condition even in a dry climate. Hundzsoil is Ideal to be used in gardens, golf courses, hotels, parks and public places.

Using Hundzsoil with 300% water holding capacity will definitely ensure fast germination. And because Hundzsoil Ph is stable at 6.8, this will help roots to grow fast and healthy.


Whether you are landscaping in the middle of the desert or growing crops in arid climates, HUNDZsoil® is the solution to your problems!

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